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TrainMeKS is a non-partisan, joint educational effort of the firearms training and Second Amendment community in Kansas. The state’s unique Constitutional Carry law (also called Permitless Carry, Freedom To Carry or Vermont-style carry), several years in the making and effective on July 1, 2015, served as the spark to initiate the program.

Interested parties from around the state joined forces to promote gun-safety training, the shooting sports, self-defense awareness and exercise of the fundamental constitutional right of the people, to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes. The goal is to advance marksmanship, safe gun handling, and a deep appreciation of the valuable role firearms play in a peaceful society, on a statewide scale.

Now that any law-abiding adult can bear arms here, either openly or discreetly without government interference, it is more important than ever for everyday citizens to be trained to arms, understand their rights and responsibilities, and make Kansas a paragon of safety, education, and respect for this crucial segment of the U.S. Bill of Rights. The Constitutional Carry law applies to anyone 21 years of age or older who may lawfully possess firearms and who visits here legally — not just residents — an extension of our Bill of Rights to the entire country.

Our state legislature has shown the utmost concern for the American right to arms, with the passage of:

  • The Constitutional Carry Law: no permission slip is needed for open or concealed firearms possession by law-abiding adults (also called  Permitless Carry, Freedom To Carry or Vermont-style carry).
  • Strong Burden of Proof requires courts to favor victims over assailants in self-defense cases.
  • Statewide Preemption eliminates legal traps for the unwary issued by local jurisdictions—the state sets uniform gun laws statewide.
  • Defensive Display provides specific legal protection for mentioning, holding or displaying a firearm to thwart an assault.
  • The Castle Doctrine provides a presumption of legal justification in self-defense when you are in your own home.
  • The Stand Your Ground law recognizes you can stand your ground and exercise justified equal force if assaulted.
  • Public buildings (municipal, city, county, state) must provide adequate security if they wish to prohibit carrying of firearms. 
  • Parking Lot Storage for firearms is now honored at most private workplaces.
  • So-called “emergency” gun confiscations are banned by law, preventing authorities from disarming citizens in times of civil distress.
  • Plus many other fine laws that protect citizens, are tough on criminals, and set a standard others can look to for guidance. There is more to do — there always is in the struggle to preserve freedom — and TrainMeKS will be doing its part on behalf of the citizens of the Sunflower state.

Elements of Phase I of the TrainMeKS campaign include:

  • A public awareness effort with billboards, print advertising and publicity components.
  • The “Kansas Where To Shoot Map”, guiding people to all publicly accessible shooting ranges in the state.
  • One-stop-shopping for training and educational opportunities statewide from first-timer to master, and by location, firearm type, type of shooting discipline (self defense, target practice, sports and competition, etc.), class date, competition skill and more.
  • A central reference point for news media interested in learning more about the number-two-ranked participant sport in the nation, the shooting sports.
  • A clearinghouse for proposed new gun-rights laws at the state level, through association with the main civil-rights groups in the state.
  • Opportunities to get active in the ongoing effort to improve the gun laws for all people on Earth.

Anyone interested in learning more and supporting the efforts of TrainMeKS is encouraged to contact us. Trainers should get on the free trainer directory.

Phase II of the TrainMeKS campaign will roll out while we wait for the new carry law to take effect.  We’re providing new Contributing Sponsors, more trainers in the program, new ranges that have been identified or built since we began, and programs that will:

  •  Attract firearms industry and high quality jobs to the state of Kansas
  •  Assess the financial impact of the industry already in the state
  •  Add to the commerce and tax base the industry provides
  •  Create a robust firearms tourism component to the state’s economy
  •  Generate a Firearms Industry Directory for use by the legislature
  •  Reintroduce firearms education into the school system
  •  Press for improvement to the legal protections of the Second Amendment
  •  See implementation of the Second Amendment Protection Act in Kansas and nationwide

Why is it called Constitutional Carry? Because the language of the Second Amendment to the Bill Of Rights seems to demand it, and the language of the state Constitution definitely does demand it!


4. Individual right to bear arms; armies. A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and state, for lawful hunting and recreational use, and for any other lawful purpose; but standing armies, in time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and shall not be tolerated, and the military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power.''